The story of Han Tae Soon: Stolen Korean children become overseas adoptees

For the mother Han Tae Soon, time stood still in 1975.

Han Tae Soon went to the market one day in 1975 with his younger daughters.

The then 5-year-old daughter Shin Gyong-ha stayed at home to play in front of the house.

On the way to the grandmother's house, which was 1.5 km away from home, the daughter Shin Gyong-han disappeared.

It would be more than 40 years before daughter Shin Gyong-ha and mother Han Tae Soon saw each other again.

The daughter's disappearance has been a mystery until a DNA test brought them back together. Behind the mystery lies the true story of how the adoption agency Holt Children's Service, Inc. obtained children for adoption. 

The daughter Shin Gyong-ha remembers it all. On that fateful day, she was abducted by a lady who took her on a train where she was left alone.

"People say, ‘Forget it now,’ but no matter how much time passes, children are something that cannot be erased from a parent’s heart"

Han Tae Soon, Korean biological mother

The daughter was then taken to the police. Although the daughter said she had a mother, a father and siblings, the daughter was taken to an orphanage run by the American Jane White. Here the daughter's name was changed by Jane White and the orphanage.

Although the daughter said she had parents and siblings and was therefore not an orphan, the daughter's surname was changed to Baik, named after Jane White herself (Baik means white in Korean) and recited as an orphan and sent for adoption by Jane White , who functions both as the adoption agency Holt's reference to the orphanage and as the adoption agency Holt's own social worker responsible for the adoption case.

Complete with a new identity and with a re-registration as an orphan, daughter Shin Gyong-ha is sent to the United States via adoption.

Han Tae Soon and other brave Korean mothers have made an organization for mothers who have had their children stolen. 

The Korean TV channel SBS has made a program depicting the story of Han Tae Soon and Shin Gyong-Ha.

The case, like the many other cases of stolen children, is testimony to the fact that the adoption agencies, in their eagerness to adopt children, disregarded any form of morality and ethics.

There are serious crimes behind these stories and DKRG wants the truth about these adoptions and will hold those responsible accountable!

The adoption agency Holt and other adoption agencies have so far denied everything and have called the adoptees liars!

The evidence against Holt and the adoption agencies is overwhelming and the criminal acts committed by Holt and other adoption agencies must be stopped!