An international network of Korean adoptees

- the voices of overseas adoptees

Adoptees from South Korea stand united around the world!

What started as a small Danish initiative is today an international network of adoptees from all over the world!

Danish Korean rights Group has sister organizations in Norway, the Netherlands and Australia and has partner organizations in Belgium and Sweden.

Danish Korean Rights Group's sister organizations are NKRG (Norway), NLKRG (Netherlands), AUSKRG (EWS adoptees from US and Australia). Our
partner organization CAFE (Belgium) and SKAN (Sweden).

All organizations are united in the umbrella organization OKRG (Overseas Korean Rights Group), established as an independent voice for overseas adoptees from South Korea as a counterweight to the organizations that are financially supported and controlled by the adoption industry in Korea. An adoption industry characterized by extreme political and religious totalitarian opinions.

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Submit your adoption case to NKRG!

Here's how you do it:
1. Complete this form with consent and contact information

2. Make good scans of your adoption documents from your Korean adoption agency

3. If necessary, make a summary or a description of your adoption case

4. Submit everything via email to NKRG via email at

*All information is stored on an encrypted server and is kept confidential with access only to NKRG's data controller. No information is published or disclosed without permission or consent

** You can always request NKRG to delete your information.

The Norwegian state has decided to set up an independent commission to investigate adoptions to Norway from Korea and other countries.

Since 2022 NKRG has been part of DKRG's international case of adoptions from Korea, which is currently being investigated by the Korean Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

NKRG has initiated the collection of adoption cases in Norway for the Norwegian investigation of adoptions from Korea. All Norwegian adoptees from Korea are welcome to participate in this work to collect and document cases from Norway. The collected material will be submitted to the Norwegian Commission.

NKRG cooperates with the other network of KRG organisations: NLKRG (Netherlands), DKRG (Denmark), AUSKRG (Australia and US) as well as the partner organizations SKAN (Sweden) and CAFE (Belgium).

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Where do the Norwegian adoptees come from?

- The Norwegian adoptees come from the controversial Korean adoption agency Holt via the Norwegian adoption agency Verdens Barn.

- A large part of the Norwegian adoptees come from private adoption via problematic private intermediaries, bypassing adoption agencies. It covers, among other things, adoptees, which on paper are mediated via SSH (Seoul Sanatarium and Hospital).

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